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Oracle v Google

"Trials are so sensational."  "Jury duty is a drag."  "Famous people pay their way to justice."   Our complaints demonstrate how we take our open system for granted.  Not without reason, unfortunately: Participation in the legal system is demanding, not well compensated ($15/day!) and disruptive.  I would not want, could not afford to and would be completely stressed out by sitting on a jury for eight weeks.  However, it wasn’t me in the jury box so, along with my close litigator friend who advised me on the finer points,  I sat back to enjoy Day 2 of Oracle v. Google.  The Peninsula giants faced off in the United States District Court for Northern California and conducted a   very well executed trial. Very well executed.  Excuse my pop culture references but if you've never seen a trial, you're apt to imagine courtroom scenes from shows like Law & Order.  This trial dwarfed any set from that show.  Where the TV attorneys are seate

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